Stone , paper, scissor |2016

Object – installation – painting -sculpture – video – t-shirt prints – sound installation

“Her Havuzun Dibi Aynı”, the first event of the B.I.T Collective that consists of six artists, is a collaborative study. The exhibition brings together several actions of social life by taking it’s shape around a common story that where each part is told by a different participant. Where do fiction and reality begin and end in social narratives? How do heroes, monuments, myths and body movements gain their meanings in fiction? But most important, how does information that echo from various media become a part of fiction and where do individual stories and their place in collective narratives? “Her Havuzun Dibi Aynı” assembles it’s fictional thought practice on a parodic news stage. While the objects, which are subjected to the common narrative, are located in the space as if they are archeological findings, the story tells the gaps with the fictional news concerning these objects.