Dad and me |2015

Oil painting 24,5 cm x 37 cm – Full HD video – 3’20”- color – sound

Dad and Me brings together two materials that are incompatible in their chemistry: painting and video. It consists of a painting made by the father based upon a photograph of the artist taken when he was only 4 years old and a video where we see the artist as an adult. In Dad and Me, the father exists as the eye that looks at his son, the eye that observes and evaluates him, and as the hand that paints. When we see the artist as an adult in the video work, we already have the view of the father in memory due to our knowledge of the oil painting, and we regard him also as having this information in mind. The father of the artist is not physically present in the video but because of the accompanying childhood painting, the father exists as an idea. Furthermore, the shot taken in the place where the artist spent his childhood makes us feel that everything connected to a human being also carries a strange nothingness. This void, this whiteness – a salt lake in Central Anatolia – is a ground where we can think what we want to think. The continental climate, the color of winter, and the golden light of the sun change our conception of distance. Behind this choice of place there are of course aesthetic reasons, but there are also other motivations involved. This space is where he spent his childhood, a time that a ects the person just like the family does. The exhibition also includes two abstract photo frames taken in this place.

*Sound Design: Süha Kilvaş