Who likes it? |2011

Installation, 1m x 1m – 2011

The recent developments that have been introduced by technological innovations into the communication system push us to reconsider
how it is perceived by those who use it with di erent degrees of awareness, clearly highlighting some of the contradictions about mass phenomena.
Social networks and all online information, for instance, have widely expanded the access to news, but at the same time they lead to a subsequent emptying of contents.

I reflect on the expression of personal opinions inside the virtual space of the internet, through the obsessive repetition of the “thumbs up” symbol.
Who likes it? develops the possibility of recurrence of an automatic form, which then loses its meaning to assume another one which is purely aesthetic.

The objectivity of the judging criteria, the supposed subjectivity of opinion (even in art criticism), the time and place of its expression are some of the issues raised by interlocking the two-dimensional constructions on display.