Trumbauer Family Collection |2017

Trumbauer Family Collection|Site-specific Installation – Performance |2017




A selection from the Trumbauer Family Collection on display at Kasa Gallery for the first time in Istanbul in a collaboration with Özgür Demirci and Suat Ögüt. The collection represents the extensive history of the Trumbauer family, and will be available for viewing by prior appointment from Wednesday to Saturday between 1 pm and 3 pm until December 23, 2017. A member of the family’s private security will accompany visitors during their visit.

The Trumbauer Family is interested in works of art located in public areas [parks and museums]. The family collection consists of works obtained from such locations and has been growing over generations. This is the first time a special selection from the family collection will be exhibited to create a new style of narration which explains the role of the exhibits in collective memory, their conversion from works of art to commodities, and their ways of presentation. This collection revisits works that have ceased to exist or had never existed in the first place, which directly intervene in real stories throughout history.

Exhibition highlights the art crimes, the disappearance of work of art and public’s inability to access them as well as shifting the role of the thief to Security guard, art historian and collector.

*The Trumbauer family is a fictional family that is created based on art thieves in history.

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