Everyone and No One ⎮2020

Video – Sound – Color – 02’21” – 2020 / Aquarium 30 x 23 x 13 cm – 2022

Everyone and No One, a video by Demirci, shows a sample of the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Turkish Constitution. The tablet on which this selection is written dissolves as it comes into touch with a liquid surface, becoming illegible and eventually disappearing. The work’s scope is determined by the thread-like presence of right and justice. Insecurity is a building block of destruction because it is generated by the suspension of freedoms protected by laws and rights, which are inviolable aspects, through various means. The rights and liberties guaranteed by the constitution are split into sections in Demirci’s work by being representatively dissolved in injustice. The letters that vibrate dispersedly on the liquid surface and sink to the bottom, and the substance in which the words are printed, formed meaningful wholes by the letters coming together, are the remaining of the Styrofoam tablets in the work.