The Things I Want to Tell You ⎮ 2020

  Two channel video installation – sound – color – 22’40” – 2020   Özgür Demir

Side job : A Preoccupation ⎜2019

Side job : A Preoccupation  ⎜ Video ⎜ Color ⎜ Sound ⎜ 2019 Collaboration with Borga Kantürk

Trumbauer Family Collection |2017

Trumbauer Family Collection|Site-specific Installation – Performance |2017       A selection from the

POV |2017

POV|Video Installation – Battery Powered Car – Bricks|4’52″|Color|Sound|2017 The bumper car is a real life s

The death of the author is the birth of the reader |2017

The death of the author is the birth of the reader |Installation – Book – DVD – Digital Print on Canvas &#

From the Silver Screen to Soccer Field |2016

Video Installation – Full HD – Color- Sound – 9’24” – 2016 “Yıldız Movie Theater” was opened


Video Installation – Full HD – 6’17” – 2016 Özgür Demirci’s video work titled “Rec

2.64 |2016

Installation, one piastres – 100 cm x 70 cm 2.64 is a installation made out of one-piastre. One piastre’s actual e

Stone , paper, scissor |2016

Object – installation – painting -sculpture – video – t-shirt prints – sound installation “Her

Seeing Beyond |2015

Installation – scale model buildings – 100 cm x 70 cm With Seeing Beyond, he problematizes the unending aluminum-a

Dad and me |2015

Oil painting 24,5 cm x 37 cm – Full HD video – 3’20”- color – sound Dad and Me brings together t

Ammunition Book |2014

Laser cut notebook – paving stone Contemporary politics are present in a book the artist produced titled “Ammuniti

Books covered with newspaper |2015

Installation – 26 book In Books Covered with Newspaper, he tells us of the fear induced by once-forbidden books. He summ

A story of failure |2015

Video – 34″ – Color – Sound In presenting himself as a living statue of failure he succeeds in being h

Foto Hürriyet |2015

Installation – 18 pieces wrist watches – UV print photography Foto Hürriyet series, which consists of family phot

9 Stops|2013

Installation – collected train tickets – paper holder The documents of travelling have emotional value and also th

Miners United |2014

 Video Installation – 15’02” – Color – Sound “Miners United” is a research based video proj

Split Screen |2014

Video Installation – 19’44”- Color – Sound Did Mickiewicz transform his stay in the Ottoman Empire int

Compulsory Elective |2014

Participatory Installation   Compulsory elective was a project based on creating simulation of political election. Project w

We came, but you weren’t there |2014

                Voice activated Light Installation “We came, but you weren’t there.” is a site-specific work bas

Place That I Wait |2014

Two Channel Video Installation -Full HD- 60’ Videos installed face to face in the space that makes two sides can be able to

The Tuners |2012

Five Channel Video Installation -Full HD- Various Durations -Used Car Tires Those modified motorcycles, have been riding illeg

Şahin posing as Doğan |2011

Video -Full HD- 2’30” -2011 A research and documentary movie about the sub-culture and modifed Tofaş cars in Turkey. I ha

Project Budget|2011

C Print, 35 cm x 50 cm The work is called Project Budget, which aims to transform money as an art object. I use exact amount

The Story of the Artist Who Has to Work for his Artistic Career |2011

Photography on Light Box, 30cm x 20cm – 3 Pieces The installation is called ‘the story of the artist who has to work for h

Who likes it? |2011

Installation, 1m x 1m – 2011 The recent developments that have been introduced by technological innovations into the com

Penalty Area |2010

Installation Penalty Area, with its chalk-on-blackboard imagery, evokes the internalization of violence through education whil

Sound Construction |2007

Cassette Tape Installation, 220cm x 60cm With using old cassette tapes which belongs to unknown and disappeared singers around

Welding is Forbidden |2007

Performance and Photography, 120cm x 90cm Name of the performance came from slang expressions, which used in the line who jost